Violence in Chicago


Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States. The leaders of the city do not seem to have a problem spending money on some things, but when it comes to the police force, they seem to be hesitant to add more officers. Every day when I open up the paper it looks like there has been another murder in the city of Chicago and it is starting to get out of control. It's not just the fact that there are not enough police officers, but the fact that people think the can continue to get away with murdering in this city.

Police murders

During the past year, there have been 5 police officers that have been murdered either on duty or off duty. Each time they identified themselves as police officers and these people still shoot them thinking they will get away with it. The most recent one occurred when an evidence technician was processing a crime scene of a robbery. The robber came back for more items and he shot the officer and another man because he said he did not want to go back to jail. Luckily, they caught that murderer only a couple days after it happened. The other officers families have not been so lucky when it comes to justice. When these kinds of people think it is okay to murder a police officer and think they can get away with it, there is a major issue. These people think no one will snitch on them because there seems to be a "code of silence" in those neighborhoods.

Code of Silence

There is a code of silence around the Chicago area. Police are having trouble getting people to come forward with information about murderers, whether they are regarding police murders or not. This is causing some major delays in closing investigations and holding someone accountable for the crimes that they have committed. A code of silence is outrageous because now murderers are going to happen more often if people think they can do it without being caught. I know I would not want to go near those neighborhoods, even just driving through them, for fear of getting shot. It is getting out of control.
More Chicago Police Officers

Despite many of the negative things being said, Police Superintendent Jody Weis has done a fantastic job. He has changed policies that were not working before and made them more efficient and effective, and he has helped lower the crime rate. The one thing he does need to do, however, is increase the amount of officers on the streets of Chicago. Now, this is not all on his shoulders, he needs the mayor to make room in the city budget to hire more police officers. Gang members and other street scum need to realize that they will eventually be cooked for what they are doing and will go to jail for a long time. We need the police force beefed up a bit to cover some more ground so they will be more likely to think about if police are around before shooting. Hopefully that would deter them from killing. We also need people to come out with information about the murderers occurring in Chicago so gang members and other criminals will know they will not be protected by the neighborhoods any longer.

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