What to Write? How to Generate Articles that Get Read


Let's face it, there are more articles available today than there are people to read them. From traditional media, to newsletters, e-zines and websites, everyone has become an expert on something and the information clog shows no signs of receding.

With all this information out there, how do you ensure that your hard work does not go unnoticed? How do you find article ideas that the public is hungry for and produce those that will actually get read?

Here are just a few places to search for your next winning article:

1. Participate in chat rooms related to your targeted audience. Watch what questions people are asking and ask others what information they're interested in.

2. Examine what information in being broadcast on tv, news and talk shows. That information is usually hot topics.

3. Hang out in similar message boards. People leave questions for information they're seeking. That is a strong indicator of subjects to write about.

4. Survey your web site visitors or current customers. Ask them what type of articles they would like to see published on your web site or in your e-zine.

5. Regularly check your site's guest books. People sometimes leave questions or comments that would help you generate high readership articles.

6. Check online bookstore's best sellers list. They're very good resources for finding winning topics and ideas to write about.

7. Use the time of year to come up with good topics. You could refer your content to the holiday, season, things that happened years ago during that time, etc.

8. Join some related e-mail discussion lists. Explore the question being asked and the subjects people are discussing.

9. Relate your article to a current fad that's going on on your specific industry. The topic is usually interesting to your target audience.

10. Make a file of visitor or customer questions you receive via e-mail or phone. Usually, others have the same questions, but never ask.

There are countless avenues for the creative. Train yourself to be aware, tuned in and ready to pounce when a good idea strikes.


Source by Aurel Montgomery

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