Why You Should Not Read German Newspapers And Watch TV When You Are Learning German


When trying to learn German, people go with ANY POSSIBLE resource with a hope this is going to help them improve in mastery of the language. Often most of these turn out to be no more than false rumors.

Have you ever hear of people saying: When you learn German (or any other language) read German news, watch German TV, be in contact with the language all the time. The shocking fact is that doing this will only CONFUSE YOU, not HELP YOU.

Why? Simple. More than 99% of the newspapers are written in high, complex style that will not at all suit you as a beginner. Let me give you an example.

When you are trying to learn how to count, does reading and trying to solve advanced calculus tasks helps? NO. You'll finish only watching some weird numbers and become confused and discouraged. It's the same learning to speak German.

I am very frustrated when I see people all around the web spreading rumors that also watching TV in German will help you learn the language. The answer to this is again one big, fat NO.

If you plan to watch German TV, watch it with translation. That will not help either in the long term. There is a very smart reason why those videos and audios for beginners were invented. The reason for that is for you to immerse yourself into the language and to fully understand all the words on the tape.

Reading a newspaper or watching TV will not get you anywhere. You simply will not understand over 90% of the words and you will become discouraged. In the end, it is bad for your motivation.

Once you know this, it is easy to escape from the paradigm. The solution should be to listen and watch audio and video tapes for beginners. There are many free or paid programs out there which will help you become fluent in German. Plus, you will enjoy the feeling understanding everything and your brain will start to motivate itself for more and more success.

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Source by Darren Welder

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