How to Stimulate a Woman Sexually


Want to learn how to stimulate a woman sexually? I can see you nodding your head so I am going to spend a few secrets which will make you her best lover ever.

You see it's not always about the sexual activity which women love, it's the entire experience and every thing leading up to climax. So first let's begin with foreplay.

Foreplay Techniques to Stimulate Woman Sexually

You might find this surprising, but foreplay does not have to start with skin contact. It can begin in her mind when you leave a sexy note on the refrigerator or by calling her and leaving a message at work. Or my favorite techniques is by arranging for a limo or taxi if you're short on funds, to pick her up from work or at home. Just make sure she does not know where it's going and have her meet you at a fancy hotel or top notch restaurant.

Cunnilingus Tricks to Stimulate Woman Sexually

Oral sex is a proven way to make women orgasm if you understand the secrets to performing it properly. Do not just go down there the minute she is unclothed. Linger over her erogenous zones awhile with soft kisses and gentle strokes of your hands and then begin the act of oral sex.

Best Intercourse Positions

After all the foreplay and oral sex it's time for some intercourse. If there is one position I favor over all the rest. It's rear entry. And the reason is it frees up your hands to massage areas on her body and places all of the focus on her. It evens allows you bring into bed her favorite toy. So she can enjoy those vibrating pleasures she loves so much.

How to stimulate a woman sexually is not always about sex, but also the process which leads up to the magical moment.


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