UFO: Hitler's Flying Saucers


I decided to ask Xrytspet © from Fanton in G10009845788899990766 about the German flying saucers they've been talking about on the History Channel.

Hack Writer: Xrytspet, what do you know about the German flying saucers of World War II.

Xrytspet: Junk!

Hack: They really had them?

Xrytspet: Yes. The flying saucers sponsored in Canada by your CIA copied their technology. Still junk.

Hack: I understand our government did not cancel the project. They just moved it down to the secure area near Los Vegas.

Xrytspet: True enough. Area 51. Very secret. I've been in there.

Hack: I heard the stealth bomber came out of that research.

Xrytspet: Did you?

Hack: So there really were flying saucers, people were seeing them, and the government was having a time trying to keep their military secrets.

Xrytspet: What's for lunch, Taylor Jones, the hack writer? You've been in the FnL7 Time Craft. You know there are flying suacers.

Hack: Yes, but nobody sees the FnL7 Time Craft without it's not moving. Even then, you have to make it visible.

Xrytspet: True enough, Taylor Jones, the hack writer.

Hack: Here I've been saying that the UFO guys are just in it for the money they get from their lectures and from their books.

Xrytspet: You've got that right.

Hack: But there were flying saucers.

Xrytspet: They did not know that.

Hack: Oh! I heard that at Area 51 some of those flying saucers developed terrific speed and altitude capabilities.

Xrytspet: Did you?

Hack: Xrytspet, you are exasperating. You never tell me anything.

Xrytspet: Is not that what you call a double negative?

Hack: You were a consultant on that project were not you? The Government has you under a secrecy agreement.

Xrytspet: If that were true I would tell you?

Hack: Do they know about the FnL7 Time Craft?

Xrytspet: No and they are not going to know.

I went to http://missilegate.com/rfz/video1.htm to read about the the Schreiver-Habermohl Project (S). The aircraft either flew fast or slow, high or low, was of two designs and did not get into the war. The aircraft was unstable.

The History Channel report said that the Canadian saucers based on German design were unstable.

Sometimes that changed in Nevada at Area 51.

The object was an aircraft that could land or takeoff from anywhere, requiring no runway, capable of terrific speed and elevation; one that could leave the earth's atmosphere, fly into space, and come down again where ever it wanted to.

If we have realized that, the Government still is not tolling us.

Neither is Xrytspet.

The End


Source by John T Jones, Ph.D.

5 Behavioral Options For Elected Officials


We vote for candidates, for any, of a variety of reasons. Some of these, may be personal, while others might be logical and/ or emotional. However, most of us, would hope, that, once elected, these politicians were ready, willing and able, to transform, themselves, into statesmen, and prioritize, what might be best, for society, and their constituents! However, when we take an objective look, we often observe, this is not the case, in the vast majority of instances and circumstances. With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly explore, examine, and discuss, 5 behavioral options, or paths, elected officials may take, etc.

1. Common good, versus self – interest: Ideally, wouldn’t it be nice, if these individuals prioritized serving the common good, rather than their personal agenda, and/ or self – interest? In 2017, perhaps more than at any time, in recent memory, we observed far less of this, and far more instances, where party politics, were considered, to a greater degree, than the common good. Consider, the attempt, to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and replace it, with an ill – conceived, worse plan, rather than looking to improve it, and make it more cost – efficient, and better! Similarly, the recently passed (along party lines), so – called, tax reform legislation, was portrayed by President Donald Trump, and his cronies, as benefiting the middle – class, while objective economists, clearly stated, the major beneficiaries, were the wealthiest, and the corporations!

2. Unifying versus polarizing: Wouldn’t America be best served, if the public officials, focused on unifying us, and seeking common ground, rather than pitting one component of our society, against another? Again, many Republican office – holders, have followed the lead of Mr. Trump, whose rhetoric has often been little more, than, vitriol!

3. Protect all freedoms, not merely selective ones: After the tragic terrorism of September 11, 2001, the late, great, George Carlin, developed a comedy (satire) routine, referred to, as The Terrorists Win. The crux of this discussion, was, if we don’t maintain, all of our American freedoms, then we have permitted these terrorists to defeat us, because they will have, disrupted our way of life! Again, this year, when our President has focused on opposing the media, and his opponents, we have witnessed, a clear – cut threat, to our freedoms. We can’t pick – and – choose, which freedoms to respect, based on what we believe politically!

4. Planning/ solutions, rather than rhetoric/ promises: We should have recognized, when he was a candidate, that Trump, preferred to blame and complain, and employ vitriol, and rhetoric, and making promises, that, when he was elected, his planning, and/ or solutions, might be questionable, at best! In fact, that’s precisely what we observed in his first year, in office!

5. Truth/ integrity, versus lying and misstatements: Do you remember the expression, The truth will set you free? However, the vast majority of those elected to office, avoid being truthful and forthcoming. Again, fact – checkers have stated, President Trump, has consistently lied, or made misstatements, and, unfortunately, it appears, focused on maintaining his core supporters, often to the detriment of the rest of society!

Those we elect, make, either a conscious, or sub – conscious decision, about how they will behave, and communicate! Wouldn’t it be nice, if integrity was an essential component?


Source by Richard Brody

Now What? Iraq Contractors’ Future Looks Choppy – But Not Over


Part 1 of the Now What? Series

Three recent and ongoing events will directly affect you the professional combatant. In the coming weeks I will be running a multi-part series titled Now what? where I take these events in turn and put more focus on each of them and how they are likely to impact the industry. I will also get out my crystal ball and make some predictions.

The significant events which directly impact the industry include:

1. America’s recent presidential election

2. The global economic crisis

e. The ability of the Iraqi government to find it’s feet

Any one of these events in isolation would make an impact however the confluence of all three happening simultaneously will prove extremely challenging for all companies across the security spectrum in the coming years.

In short, the world of combat contracting is entering yet another phase and like all pure capitalistic, harsh market- driven environments (of which corporate security is certainly a prime example) only those who are willing and able to adapt will survive the coming years.

So how can individual operators as well as companies adapt to the changing market? In a word, diversification. Both at the individual operator as well as at the company level flexibility and diversification will see you through the coming storm.

I know, I know three years ago you would have heard me preaching the personal and business benefits of focus and specialisation both personally as well as at the company level. In fact, I don’t completely abandon the benefits of focus only now it needs to be mixed with a helpful dose of diversification and flexibility. Companies will need to diversify their service offerings and build multiple stable revenue streams in order to be able to deal with the cancellation or non-renewal of any particular contract. Operators will need to demonstrate their ability to execute a range of skills from training, static security, PSD, convoy operations all the while working increasingly more and more with local nationals as a part of the force structure. Those who can adapt will survive and make a good wage. Those who insist on working only with NGO clients in certain provinces with all expat teams will find their world closing in around them. They will price themselves out of an ever more competitive market until they too go the way of the white buffalo.

However, don’t despair. The good news for operators and firms is that there will be a profitable future. The questions are: Where? And, doing what? I’ll cover these in upcoming posts as well.


Source by Jake R Allen

Resveratrol Supreme Risk Free Trial Review


From recent reports, television shows, countless media interviews and your favorite talk show and news hosts, there is a huge buzz going about with Resveratrol Supplements, noticeably Resveratrol Supreme. This new anti-aging pill is going to revolutionize the way people see the medical world.

If you consume red wine, you probably already hear about the positive effects of having a drink in moderation every day and the healthy heart benefits. There are several different active compounds in wine grapes that substantiate claims of a better health and life quality. One of these compounds, resveratrol is taking the cake, the icing and everything else with it.

How come? Reason for the recent acknowledgment of resveratrol is because of the recent studies that have come about. David Sinclair, a Harvard scientist had successfully extended the life of yeast with feeding them with a resveratrol compound. This was a very exciting example of what was about to come forth.

Further studies investigated laboratory mice with the same resveratrol compounds that yeast were given, but in a stronger concentration. What they found, was that mice were able to lose weight without performing additional exercise and have an improved internal organ health as well. A comparison between an untreated mouse and a furnished mouse provided the drastic transient between each other.

Then came the Cancer studies. Resveratrol was able to successfully block the angiogenesis process which is known to mutate certain cells and cause tumors to become malignant. Cancer also develops through a process of three stages called carcinogenesis, which yes, Resveratrol happens to not play nice and STOPS the cancer growth, which proves this compound can fight cancer and eventually beat it.

Naturally, red wine grapes are a strong antioxidant with a high ORAC level. This also helps with combating free radicals and toxins, which could cause carcinogenesis and cause the rapid acceleration of aging and related illnesses such as diabetes.

Resveratrol Supreme just came onto the market not too long ago, in a vast sea of ​​different supplements that are currently in the health supplement market. If you do not drink wine and you want the benefit of having a single dose that is just as effective as drinking the equivalent of 1000 bottles of wine, you should look into taking Resveratrol Capsules.


Source by Jeff Llewoh

Unusual Happenings in Our Weather


Here Is What I Have Noticed :

Let's face it; we have all be eerily concerned about the weather laTely. We have all noted how our seasons do not resembling what should naturally occur during a given time of year. Are we in the Spring Season of 2013, or are we still in the Fall Season of this year? Well yes, we have no other recourse but to roll with the punches, however I am asking; have more than a few of us asked what is happening, putting aside an "Act of God". Weather changes have been making its presence known very frequently for a number of years now, and in close proxies to one another all around the world.

In remembering what the changes in weather has wrought all around the world; we must not forget the multiple loss of lives and property in each event. Some are blaming the frequency of the bad weather on NASA and not Mother Nature. What if this is not strictly an "Act of God"? No, there is no doomsday event on the rise. I do believe that our Creator is much more exacting then what we are experiencing now.

We are all aware that "The Creator of All Things" absolutely controls natural events who blesses nations that obey Him with rain in its season (Leviticus 26: 4), and that there will be famines, pestilence disease epidemics, and earthquakes in various places ; (Matthew 24: 7-8) also states that these are the beginning of sorrows. However, I do remember being present in Bible School when they read to us that God said that he would not reenact the "Flood" for destruction of Humanity again; the next time, the "Fire". So, act of (God), I do not think so …

Tropical Cyclone Hurricane Sandy :

At the "National Hurricane Center" article (AL182012) 22 – 29 October 2012, part of their study reveals that Sandy was a classic late-season hurricane in the southwestern Caribbean Sea. It is reported that Sandy reached Jamaica, then Cuba before quickly weakening to a category 1 hurricane while moving through the central and northwestern Bahamas. Sandy gain strength again and became a hurricane of full force while moving northeastward, parallel to the coast of southeastern United States and eventually turned northward toward the mid-Atlantic states. Let's not forget, again, the devastation wrought in her wake. The NHC has researched much more on more statistics on Sandy, as well as many other researchers of various groups.

The Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 :

On Wikipedia, it was reported that this disaster is known as the April 1st, Great East Japan Earthquake as well as the 3.11 Earthquake . It is reported that this was the most powerful known earthquake ever to have it Japan, and the fifth most powerful earthquake in the world since modern record-keeping began in the 1900's. The earthquake was the key factor in triggering those powerful tsunami waves that reached devastous heights in those troubling times. That earthquake moved to the main island of Japan and shifted the Earth on its axis by estimates of between 10 cm (4 in) and 25 cm (10 in). Many are still crying in remembering the loss of life, property, normal lifestyle and practical existence as well as personal and emotional shock regarding the lack of normalcy of Mother Earth, and how she was before these events.

New Orleans (Tropical Cyclone) Hurricane Isaac of 2000 :

Again, we can find information from the "National Hurricane Center" regarding the massive storms of our day, and in my recollection; Isaac was the worst storm event I have ever, and hope to ever witness again. Even though hurricane Sandy was right at my front door; Isaac was the first massive disturbance that I had ever witnessed in my life, and watching such destruction for so long a period was mind-numbing. Part of the NHC's study arguments that; Isaac, a Cape Verde hurricane follows a long parabolic path across the eastern half of the Atlantic, and its maximum sustained winds reached close to 120 kt, connecting it with (Keith) as the strongest hurricane of that season.

The NHC went on to say that: a strong tropical wave came up from western Africa on September 20th which eventually became known as Isaac. As Isaac's strength mounted, it was soon apparent that a faint eye of the storm was evident on visual satellite imagery. Shortly after seeing a faint view of the eye of that hurricane; the eye became more defined, the hurricane quickly strengthened in intensity to massive numbers. Most of us remember what happened after that regarding hurricane Isaac.

The Floods of Grand Rapids Michigan 2013 :

Just recently, a record-breaking rainfall and flooding hammered parts of the Midwest of our United States, it had been destined for several days. More than one million residents of that area started to clean up the debris. It was reported by the "Huffington Post" that the storm continued to batter surrounding cities while they watch the floods continue to rise, and concerns of additional destruction begin to worry nearby neighboring residents who had not received the brunt of those waters so far, and they were mounting sand bags and all that might help them hold back the anticipated onslaught of flood waters.

As being declared "A State of Emergency", Michigan witnessed trobling waters continued to bombard them and the surrounding areas with rain, flood waters, and pounding debris. In the Huffington Post, it was also reported that that was more than rough week for the second largest city of Michigan as well as other areas of the West Michigan region. During that heavy rain, and flooding event; it was not expected to let up any time soon, for at least a week, it was reported.

In Conclusion :

I revealed this to say that; we as a world community need to look toward ourselves in connecting in positive affirmation, stated in private prayer, loudly, or together in group gatherings. We need to connect in order to pray for those who have lost more than we, and to understand that it is not always God's design for these disadvantages to fall upon our land (s). Research could have a big hand in this in trying to move towards the future, or for whatever reason they engage in experimentation as well as research. Including, the off shore drilling research could trigger off some underwater event that takes on its own mind.

Whatever energy our officials are directing towards the stratosphere, etc. takes on a life of its own, hence the domino effect. Scientist all around our world; in trying to learn more about how to enhance control over our worlds future events, sometimes in attempts to make things better; we could be signing, by our own hand, our own doom, and if they feel that they have a sure proof escape plan for themselves in an eventuality and leave the masses here; well you remember about the best laid plans, do not you?

What do you think of this matter?


Source by Josline Massey

New Year's Blues and New Answers for Depression Sufferers


For many people, the end of the year is simply the beginning of another year of on-going pain, self-disappointment and a deepening sadness.

And, for many sad / depressed people, the Christmas blues can start several weeks before the actual holiday because so many are reminded of their pain by the usual signals of the holiday "where everyone is feeling happy" – except the depression sufferer.

Common depression symptoms are, you should always see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

– You sleep too little or too much
– Previous easy tasks are now difficult to accomplish because of an inability to concentrate
– Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness fill your mind
– You feel you can not control your negative thoughts, no matter what you do
– You are eating too little or too much
– Unusual irritability
– You have thoughts that life so painful that it is not worth living (Get help now if this is the case)

Instead of a "New Year" soon to be marred by traditionally failed resolutions, people in pain want "New Depression Answers" that actually work.

The good news is that there is an FDA approved solution that is drug free which has worked for many people who have previously not been helped by other depression treatments

What is TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation)?

First, here's what happens: The TMS device is placed over a portion of the patient's scalp where it is then programmed to send out a narrowly focused magnetic field in pulses.

Second, the healing occurs for a significant percentage of patients because these energetic pulses stimulate nerve cells in an area of ​​the brain associated with controlling mood.

One way to think of this is to imagine a car stuck in a rut. Then, someone comes along and help rocks the car out of the rut with a series of energetic pushes to help the car finally get unstuck.

How long does TMS treatment take? From the moment the machine is turned on to send energetic healing pulses to the moment it stops takes approximately 37 minutes.

A patient attends 5 TMS sessions per week over a 4-6 week period for a total of 20-30 anti-depression treatments. Like any other method of emotional healing, TMS will not work for everyone however, trying to heal is better than the alternative (s).

Depression is a multi-faceted challenge for the sufferer as well as those who love and care for the one in pain and so often, new methods can provide surprisingly good results making everyone's lives better.

The final point to this article? Hang in there. Never give up. Depression can be beat and often the answers are those that are new.


Source by Rachel Fleissner

If You Really Want to Help the Victims of Katrina


Want to help the victims of Katrina? Try distant healing!

Distant healing is a simple, effective way to impact someone even if they are miles away. The beauty about utilizing distilling healing is that you do not need intensive training to do it. All that is needed is intent, a sincere desire to help people and a willingness to sit or lie quietly.

The founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, Dr. C. Norman Shealy, tested distant healing with Richard Gordon (author of "Quantum-Touch, The Power to Heal"). Dr. Shealy discovered that Mr. Gordon's distant healing was able to affect other people's brainwaves as measured by an electroencephalograph machine. Upon further testing with his most difficult chronic pain patients, Dr. Shealy found that it welcomed about significant pain relief. This suggests that people can improve the power of their prayers and affect healing from a distance.

Here is a simplified version of Mr. Gordon's approach that you can use to send treating to the victims of the hurricane:

1. First, find a quiet space and begin by taking a few deep breaths. As you breathe, imagine that you can actually feel energy moving from your feet to the top of your head on the inhale, and then circulating down to the feet as you exhale.

2. As you continue to breathe, cup your hands and see yourself sending energy to your hands as you exhale. Imagine that you are holding the people that you want to care for between your hands.

3. You can "see" or feel the energy that is running through your body as light, Divine Love, or even you choose to define it. The important thing is to feel it moving with your breath. Feel the Spirit, as energy, coursing in and through your body and then sending it to those in need. Keep breathing!

4. As you breathe, imagine that there is a Divine orchestra which is providing solutions quickly, easily and powerfully in a state of wonderful grace. See that the people being transported to safe places are easily reunited with their families. Envision peace, love and light flowing into the minds of those that are suffering, so that not only will their bodies be cared for, but their minds will become unburdened and touched by joy. FEEL this as you breathe.

Remember that the purpose of this activity is to envision abundance continuing to arrive miraculously to assist, feed, nourish and heal the people in the Southeast. It is an alternative to focusing your attention and energy on everything that is not going well. Knowing that the past can not be changed, envision creative and supporting solutions beautifully created from the greatest good in people.

5. As you continue with this exercise, holding the residents of the damaged areas in the cup of your hands and extending love to them, allow for any number of healing miracles to occur. Allow inspiration regarding any other actions you can take to help (donate time, money, supplies, hold a fundraiser, etc.).

6. Pray for the highest spirit to take over in their lives. See that nothing is too big for Spirit … for that which created the entire Universe can certainly intervene and bring ease to this situation.

More tips for doing distant healing:

* Connect with the people of the Southeast and surrounding areas, to whomever or where your awareness is contracted

* Connect with your own spirituality (whatever that may be)

* You can use a surrogate object to help focus your energy if you choose; along the cupped hands, you can use a pillow, blanked, or some other physical object

* Experiment with using distant healing when watching the news- allow the loving energy to flow into the news that you are witnessing as you exhale.

* Remember to breathe and feel the energy moving through your body

* Combine different techniques

* Allow your love to grow stronger each time you practice distant healing

* Take action on the inspirations you receive while doing distant healing


Source by Richard Gordon

When President Trump Lies, Who Loses? 5 Losers


Whether one agrees or disagrees with, supports or opposes, or what one’s personal opinion of the man, may be, there should be, nearly, universal agreement, President Donald Trump, is certainly, unlike, any of his predecessors, in recent memory. Although, having personally worked on numerous political campaigns, for over 4 decades, I recognize, most politicians, stretch the truth, and resort to spinning the facts, to put them, in the best, possible, light, Trump has taken that tendency, to previously, unobserved, heights! Political fact – checkers have stated, he has lied, or materially mis – stated information, an average of over 5 times, per day, since his election! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review and consider, 5 situations, where these lies. have created true losers.

1. Himself: Every time someone lies, and gets caught, either lying, or contradicting himself, he becomes a loser, because he. ends up, losing his personal credibility! Why should anyone believe anything, this man says, when he tells so many lies, constantly and consistently? Is he a congenital liar, a pathological one, or similar to, The boy who cried wolf? The reality is, when something significant needs to be addressed, his constant use of stretching the truth, will make it challenging, to get many to believe anything he says and/ or claims!

2. International: Rhetoric and vitriol, often, have significant ramifications, and when the President of the United States, which is considered, the most powerful individual, in the free world, makes heated claims, and either exaggerates, mis – states, and/ or lies, he loses his credibility, around the world! In fact, numerous polls have indicated, the U.S. is now held in the lowest esteem, throughout the world, it has ever been!

3. His core supporters/ followers: Candidate, Trump claimed, I love the uneducated, apparently, in order, to inspire these individuals, to support his candidacy! He made many promises, for example, to factory workers, coal miners, etc, which, either, he knew, at the time, or should have, were, at the very least, exaggerations! These individuals have been hurt, because, they would have been better served, by retraining and relevant preparation, for the evolving world, and no one is served, when he claims to deny Climate Change, etc!

4. America’s freedoms: Trump appears to get his facts from, what is often, referred to, as the Alt Right, or Far Right, and rather than, exploring realities and alternatives, has often made inflammatory statements, about many topics. His attempt to motivate certain fringe followers, by articulating vitriol, and using inflammatory statements, etc, has threatened, the very, freedoms, which have made America, great! For a man, whose slogan is, Make America Great Again, shouldn’t we demand, a commitment to the truth?

5. Neediest Americans: Perhaps the biggest losers, in Trump’s reliance on lying, are the neediest Americans! These individuals need leadership, which focuses on ways to improve their lives, rather than one, who claims to care, while constantly supporting laws and ideas, which are against their best interests, such as the recent tax reform, which favored corporations and the wealthiest, and health care reform, which would have taken away certain necessary protections. The constant attacks on minorities, immigrants, the Press, etc, have had their greatest, negative impact, on those, who can least afford it!

Trump states he wants to Make American Great Again, but, then, seems to demonstrate, his idea of greatness, is often based on lies, distortions, and enriching the wealthiest, often, at the expense of the rest of the nation. Wake up America, and show, you won’t be swayed, by lies, etc!


Source by Richard Brody

Learn These Problems Now, And You Can Avoid Your Cat Becoming Ill In The Future


Cats, like any other animal out there, can become sick. There are several health problems that can affect your cat. If you have never owned one though you may not realize just what those can be. Knowing what to look for can protect your pet's health.

The hairball is probably the most common of them. Cats will groom themselves and this allows loose hair to come off the pet and end up in the stomachs. Instead of passing easily, the hair can form a ball within the stomach. If your cat starts coughing and hacking he may have a hairball that he's trying to expel. You can help prevent hairballs by grooming your cat frequently to remove the excess hair that will cause them. You can feed your cat food that will help to control it too. Even some cat trips are available to help you to keep your cat's healthy.

Urinary tract infections are another common problem for many cats. These are particularly common in cats that are not neutered, especially males. If the cat stopped using his litter box, an infection can be the cause. If the cat's urine smells strong, this can be a sign as well. In order to treat this condition, you will need to visit the vet. But, there are some cat foods out there that can help to limit the episodes of infection your cat will have.


Cats can get viruses too. Some of these include the following: Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

FIP is a disease that is related to the Corona virus. This is a serious problem because there is no known treatment for the disease. Cats that test positive for it may not actually have it as Corona has the same results. There is a vaccine for FIP but many vets feel it is not very effective. The good news is that it is not easy for the cat to catch it.

FIV or cat AIC is not always something that will kill the animal. It is important to note that you can not catch HIV from a cat though.

FLV is a preventable condition if the cat has not been exposed to the virus before being immunized. Cats that have the disease will not die right away, most of the time, but it can shorten the life expectancy of the pet. It is important to keep other cats away from a pet that has this condition.

Worms are another problem that can affect your pet. These can be roundworms, tapeworms or hookworms. They can occasionally develop heart worms as well. Those cats that can not gain weight are infected with fleas and those who have white specks in their stool should have taken to the vet for testing for worms. If your pet does have worms, it can be fatal if it is untreated but most pets can be cured from it with a few doses of medication.

Another condition in which many cats that go outdoors will have is ticks. Symptoms include the pet being lethargic and acting like they are in pain. If you suspect that your pet may have this condition, make sure to take him to the vet to have them removed. Also, the vet will likely treat him for Lyme Disease which can be transmitted to you and your family as well as to pets by the ticks.

There are a number of useful websites that can give you information about diseases that affect your cat. However, it is essential that if you suspect your pet of having any of these conditions that you seek out the help of a vet right away.


Source by Niall Kennedy

The 4 Elements Of A Great Headline


Without a shadow of a doubt, the headline is the most important part of any advertisement.

Reason being, if people read the headline and it does not appeal to them, they're not going to read the rest of your ad. And if they do not read the rest of your ad, then they can not buy your product.

The headline is god damn important!

Which raises the question … what exactly makes for a great headline?

It's a fantastic question … and in the hopes of shedding some light on the matter, I'm going to reveal the 4 elements that I believe make up a great headline.

Now, before I get into what exactly these 4 elements are … I should note one glance caveat. Not all great headlines contain all 4 of these elements.

Some only contain 2.

Some even only have 1.

But they are, in my humble opinion, the exceptions to the rule. And if you can pack your headlines with the 4 elements I'm about to reveal … and you keep your headline within your prospects world … then you CAN NOT go wrong!

So I've blabbered on enough already … and by this point you're probably yelling at your monitor … "Get to the 4 elements already!"

Okay … Okay …

If you insist.

The 4 elements of a great headline are:

Self interest (benefit)
Instant gratification (Quick and easy way to …)

I'll dive into each of those elements in a little more detail shortly … but first … perhaps the easiest way to explain what I mean by each of these elements is to show you them in action.

So here's a fantastic headline from John Carlton that he wrote for a golf product, that contains each of these 4 elements.

Amazing Secret Discovered By One-Legged Golfer Adds 50 Yards To Your Drives, Eliminates Hooks And Slices … And Can Slash Up To 10 Strokes From Your Game Almost Overnight!

Now, if you were a golfer (perhaps you are …), there is no way in hell you would not read the rest of that ad.

Reason being, the headline contains each of the 4 contractual elements that make up a great headline.

Let's quickly break it down.

Amazing Secret Discovered By One-Legged Golfer – Curiosity + News

Adds 50 Yards To your Drives, Eliminates Hooks And Slices … And Can Slash Up To 10 Strokes From Your Game – Self Interest (Big Benefit)

Almost Overnight! – Instant Gratification

Let's pick a headline at random from my headline swipe file

Okay … let's see …

I'm not entirely sure who wrote this one, but it's pretty good.

Medical Breakthrough Offers Arthritis Pain Relief To Millions! Try it Free!

Medical Breakthrough – News

Offers Arthritis Pain Relief To Millions! Try it Free! – Self Interest (big benefit)

The headline incites curiosity through being non-specific, only eluding to some sort of medical breakthrough.

The only element really missing from the headline is Instant Gratification.

Perhaps the headline could have improved with addition of the word "fast".

Medical Breakthrough Offers Fast Arthritis Pain Relief To Millions! Try it Free!

Of course, I'm not familiar with the product this headline is selling … so maybe it does not offer "fast" pain relief … but if it did … it looks like it would definitely be worth testing the headline out with the word fast added to it.

So now I've revealed each of the elements that make up a great headline, let's get down to why these elements are so important.

We'll start with curiosity.

Now it may come as a shock to you … but the main purpose of a headline is not to sell the product. If it can help do so, then this is great … but it's not the main purpose.

No. The main purpose of an advertisements headline should be to get the reader to read the ads opening sentence. And the purpose of the main purpose of opening sentence should be to get the reader to read the next line of the ad. And so on, and so on.

And one of the best ways to grab the reader's attention, and make them want to read the entire ad, is to incite curiosity in your reader's mind.

Curiosity is an incredibly powerful force.

In fact, I believe it to be the most powerful emotion in advertising.

Perhaps the best way to get someone (especially children) to take some sort of action, is to tell them not to do sometimes … but not tell them why they should not do it.

More often than not, their curiosity will get the better of them, and they will do it anyway just to see what happens.

Which is why you should always include some sort of curiosity element in your headline. Whether that be mentioning a secret that a one legged golfer discovered, or eluding to some sort of medical breakthrough, you should always include curiosity.

Next up is self interest.

Now the reason why you should include self interest in your headlines should be blindingly obvious.

As the great salesman Zig Ziglar often said. "All your prospects listen to the same radio station. WIIFM … What's In It For Me?"

People, unsurprisingly, are interested in reading about, and buying, things that can benefit them. So be sure to include some self interest in your headline.

Moving on the next element, News.

People love to reading about news. So include some news in your advertisement.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, there's nothing really new about the product I'm selling that I can write about … And to that I say nonsense!

You ever hear that saying "That's news to me!"

Of course you have!

Well let your mind chew on that for a second.

There may be nothing NEW about the product you're selling to you. But when it comes to writing an advertisement, forget about YOU and think about WHO is going to be reading your advertisement.

The reader probably does not know absolutely everything about your product … so tell them something that is news to them.

And finally … last but not least … the 4th element that makes up a great headline … Instant Gratification.

What do we want? GRATIFICATION!

When do we want it? NOW!

And in the age of smartphones with 24/7 access to email and social media, and same day Amazon deliveries … now more than ever … we're living in the age of instant gratification.

Most people do not like to think about having to work hard, and put in time and effort to solve their problems.

People want the quick fix.

It's cliched headlines like "one weird trick to quickly …" work so well.

So give them what they want and find away to add some sort of instant gratification element to your headline.

And on that note, that about wraps things up for today.

Have a go at crafting your own headlines with those 4 elements and see how they perform.

I'm wager they'll do pretty damn good!


Source by Kenneth Turnbull