Water 4 Gas – An Old Technology


Let’s face it, affording every day expenses are fast becoming a burdensome task.

Fuel prices have made every facet of our lives more expensive.

People are starting to think outside the box and even experimenting with things like water4gas and the infamous water car.

What, a car that runs on water? Whatever! Now you’ve heard it all, right?

I checked into this claim, when I received a targeted email from a company, or rather research group.

They were building and testing small units that turn water into a gas that could be burned along with your regular fuel, to increase gas mileage and engine efficiency.

I read their case studies and realized that it actually could be done.

I was always interested in the idea of using hydrogen for fuel instead of gas. But there were problems and danger associated with storing hydrogen in tanks under pressure in a vehicle. Have you ever heard of Hydrogen Bombs?

But these people weren’t making hydrogen and storing it, but using HHO or Browns gas, which some people call it, to burn along with their fuel to significantly increase gas mileage. The water car that they are using is actually a hydrogen on demand hybrid.

Water4gas technology uses this Browns Gas or HHO(2 parts hydrogen to 1 part oxygen) to produce a safe and constant supply of gas to make their engines more efficient, and use less gas in the process.

The emission from the browns gas after burning is water. Your emissions are cleaner and better for the environment.

Hydrogen generators are being built by these back yard mechanics and being installed, to produce claims of 30-60% increases in MPG or more. One man was using a 99 Toyota Corolla and had experienced 62 MPG using water4gas technology. His water car, or hybrid was just one example that was illustrated on the website.

It appears that his technology has been around for awhile. Fuel prices have caused this water4gas technology to be resurrected, with everyday people experiencing great success.

Cheap parts using everyday items are used to build these hydrogen-on-demand systems and are easily installed on your car or truck. Pre-built units are available for people that aren’t mechanically inclined.

There are increasing numbers of people that have started new businesses that utilize the water4gas technology. These people build the units and install them for people that want their own water car, or water hybrid.

So there you have it, an old technology in a new time. What do you have to lose by at least checking out the possibility of turning your gas hog into a fuel saving hybrid. THis is perfect for people who want to decrease their carbon footprint.


Source by Mark Spalding

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