The Silent Killer Could Be Looking For You


News just in The Silent Killer strikes again. All around the world people are attacked, and sometimes loose the battle to the Silent Killer, Police in every country can not appreciate this curse to mankind, and are even being attacked themselves, the Military have no defense for this kiss of Death killer , Governments worldwide have tried to warn the people but most take little notice thinking it wont happen to me, bad move.

This growing problem is now classed as the 2nd cause of death affecting manankind. The killer can attack all age groups from the young to the not so young and of any gender, no one is safe no one is immune. The problem is that most people are unaware that they could be next on the killers list, could it be you? Can you protect yourself, your family and friends? Yes you can but first here is a sobering thought, this killer without warning has attacked and caused the demise of nearly 8 MILLION people last year 2008 worldwide and with each year that passes it is expected that this figure will increase unless we take personal responsibility to combat this enemy.

8 Million that's a staggering amount, and as you can see this is an epidemic which is Global, OK time to inform you what the heck I am talking about, if you have not already made a guess by now its Hypertension or normally called High Blood Pressure. Do you know what your blood pressure is? Well you should, knowing will save your life there is no doubt about it. Over a third of people do not know the have this condition, and suddenly they have a heart attack and are no longer with us.

I am willing to bet you know or should I say you knew someone who suddenly had a heart attack and passed over and they were not that old, but there are no symptoms related to High Blood Pressure that is why it's called The Silent Killer.

Some people are medically aware that they have high blood pressure and are on medication which controls the situation, but and this is a big but, medication is expensive, in most case there are bad side effects to the drugs which are very unpleasant to say the least, also taking drugs is a life long treatment, no letting up or your previous condition could return, also Medication only treats the symptoms not the cause.

Is there another way to reduce high blood pressure? Fortunately there is and without the use of drugs period. I am the living proof of that statement, I used to have this life threatening condition but not any more and there's not a drug in sight and that's a fact. All that is needed is a small change to your life style which will reduce your High Blood Pressure and soon normalize it, if that aint good news I do not know what is.

Summing up this article
1. You have learned about the silent killer.
2. You now know this is a global problem.
3. You now know that Hypertension can affect all gender and ages.
4. You now know how many people world wide have been victims of high blood pressure in the last year.
5. You now know that you must have your blood pressure checked.
6. You now know possibly from your own experience that drugs can have side effects.
7. You now know there is an alternative and effective way to treat high blood pressure without the use of drugs.
8. You now know that if you do not act to protect yourself you may become yet another victim.
9. You now know where to get more valuable information.

My thanks to the publishers of this article because by the very act of their publishing same, they will have potentially contributed to saving many lives … Thank You.

If you have High Blood Pressure or just found out you have this condition check the link below for more information

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David Delaine,
Health Researcher.

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