Expert Background Checks – Why You Should Check Background Reports


I was asked once why employers perform background checks. The Human Resources head of a Fortune 500 summed it up best; If other companies are screening candidates and we are not, then we will inevitably attract a greater proportion of the unscrupulous candidates. I found this perspective to be an insightful, yet chilling. Was I putting myself and my family at risk by not checking up on the people in my professional and social networks? I quickly signed up for an online background investigative service and began to sift through the information. What I found really opened my eyes andave me a new perspective on the value this sort of information had to offer.

I started digging through information on my childhood friends. I had run into an old buddy of mine a few months back and learned that a mutual friend of ours had been incarcerated and rarely released for some sort of minor misdemeanor. The two of them get together regularly and my buddy offered me an invite the next time the two of them planned to meet. I thought I would start here because I knew this search would turn up some information. I was shocked by what I found! This all American kid, who I once considered a good friend, had three felonies and an attempted escape! I quickly relayed this information to my friend and politely informed him that getting together was not the best idea. I began to dig through my electronic rolodex in alphabetical order. The information I found was fascinating, and I could not believe the amount of detail that I could retrieve. I have to say that I began to feel like a private investigator. I found all sorts of personal information that would make a paparazzo blush; real-estate holdings, ex-wives, telephone numbers, birth records, divorce records and other personal information. Thankfully, the information I uncovered was benign and was of little concern.

I continued my way through my contacts, and bingo; I found a recent arrest record of a former work college who was now a teacher in a local school. We run into each other at a company reunion party that is arranged each November. He is a very unassuming character, the sort of guy who picked up a guitar at our company parties and led the sing-along. It turns out that this guy had been put on probation for exposing himself to a student that he was tutoring. The guy was now a convicted sex offender! This will be very useful information to have for our next gathering.

I then got to thinking what people would find out about me. Like many of us, I was a bit crazy in my youth and had some small run-ins with the men in blue. I held my breath as I sorted through the data, scanning for anything from my past. Thankfully, none of the information turned out to be derogatory or embarrassing, but I was fascinated by the detail that was out there on me.

This experience sparked a question … We all know we should check our credit status regularly but how many of us check our own background? The exercise I went through demonstrated how easy it is to acquire information on another person. Employers, neighbors, acquaints, and all sorts of people in your social network are using publicly available information to poke around into your background. I learned a very valuable lesson today; I can avoid problems by checking out the information available in my background before someone else does!

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Source by Carlton Disney

Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life


A friend once said to me, "There is no meaning in life, except what we create". At the time, I thought she was nuts. Now, I understand.

What is the meaning of your life? Some will say that it is to glorify God. Others will say to do good and make a difference. Still others account for their purpose for existence in their children. All of these ideas may have validity, but it still comes down to one thing. What do you decide is of value? What do you choose to have the purpose of your life?

The beauty of this concept is that again, you have the power to choose. Purpose and meaning is not some flighty ideal that only a few can comprehend. You have the power, the right, the responsibility to find your purpose in life. No one else can do it for you. With choice, there is power.

If you are sure of what your purpose is, if there is no doubt as to why you exist, good for you. Go for it with gusto. Embrace it, enjoy it, fulfill it. If you are not clear about your purpose, the meaning of your life, create it. You have so much in you to explore.

We humans have so much potential to create. We can create meaning, and we can create happiness. We can create misery and pain. We are creating our purpose and meaning every moment of the day. What purpose are you creating for you life, right now?

If you are still stuck, let me give you and idea. Make your purpose in life to be the best "You" that you can be. Work diligently on developing yourself, learning, growing, and most of all, loving yourself. If that is you major purpose, and you do it correctly, without judgment, in a healthy and balance manner, you can not help but becoming a happier person, and your joy is sure to spill on to others.

Developing yourself to be the best possible "You" can be does not mean seeking after fleeting and meaningless pleasure. That will only bring you pain. Developing the best possible you takes hard work and dedication. When I talk about being the "Best", I am talking about being the most noble, the most balanced, the most healthy (mentally and physically), the most authentic, the most honest, the most generous, the most logical, the most intelligent, the most loving, the most self-sustaining individual you can be.

Notice, I did not say the best person in the world. I said, be the best you can be. If you start to compare yourself to others to see how much better you are then others, you will set yourself up for trouble. You will either be deflated, because there will always be someone better at something then you. Or you will falsely inflate your ego, which will only serve to bite you in the end.

In my opinion, being the "Best You" that you can is everyone's ultimate purpose. It will be in everyone's best interest if you concentrate on your best self-interest. It is also hard work. That is why so many people would rather opt out and let others make their meaning (God, your parents, your spouse etc). If you take an active role in developing the "best possible you", you will make your world a better place, not just for you, but for those around you.

The bible says "Love your neighbor as yourself". You can not fully love others until you truly love yourself. Make that your purpose, and the world will thank you.


Source by Donna Hedley

Top 6 Reasons for Having a RSS Feed – Come and Explore the Possibilities!


Getting traffic to your website can be hard. No one just randomly types in "" and with this market slowly being filled in, it is hard to get a good rank on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and all the other major search engines. Although paying for advertising is effective and gets targeted results, RSS feeds are the way to go for free, cheap, and somewhat easy advertising.

First off, if you do not want to write articles yourself, no problem. The web is a great resource for finding articles written by reputable authors who are willing to give you their article for free (as long as you include their signature at the bottom of the article). It is very easy to take these articles, publish them on your website, and then make a RSS out of them. But enough of the rambling, the top six reasons for having an RSS feed on your site:

6. Reputation – A good RSS feed will increase your reputation as a honest and willing to help business, not just a business that wants to take your money, and nothing else. A feed with quality articles shows that you want to help the reader Learn more about a topic instead of just give the reader a sales pitch. Making your business prospects knowledgeable in the area that you are focused will hopefully show your product / service is superior in it's design.

5. Advertising – A RSS feed can be used to advertise your website for no money at all. If you submit it to RSS directories, the name of your website will appear at the top of your feed every time! Not only does it appear, it also functions as a link (but we'll get into that later).

4. Increase in traffic – Designing your RSS feed to only include part of your article forces the reader to click on a link back to your site. One could only assume that if they enjoyed the article your wrote, or published, then they would enjoy browsing the site where it came from.

3. Links back to your site – Not many people think of RSS feeds as a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) potential, but they include dozens of links in every feed! Publishing your feed on RSS directories puts in place the opportunity to create links with the specific keywords that you desire, and hopefully we all know how the more links you have with keywords in them, the higher ranked you will be on search engine searches.

2. Exposure – Are you a new website? Has anyone ever heard of you before? Well RSS feeds definitely get your name out there on the market. Quality articles associated with your name boosts your exposure and reputation as a quality website who is worth doing business with.

1. Targeted traffic – People look at your feed as a representation of your site. If you have a feed that relates to dog bones, obviously if they are interested in buying dog bones, your site will come in mind.


Source by Jeffrey Abbott

Jerusalem's Museum of Tolerance Under Fire – For Intolerance


In a 20 October letter, leading archaeologists speak out against plans to break ground on a museum that they say will disturb an ancient Muslim cemetery in the heart of Jerusalem.

With a dramatic modern design and a central location in the contested city, the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance is supposed to bring together people from a variety of perspectives, religions, and ethnicities. But the project's Jerusalem site is on and adjacent to the ancient Muslim cemetery of Mamilla, located just to the west of the ancient city's walls. Mentioned in 11th century CE documents, the cemetery was the resting place for early Muslims as well as Christian crusaders, and was used as a burial ground until the mid-20th century.

In their letter, 84 respected archaeologists took the unusual step of speaking out against the museum project, which is scheduled to begin construction next month. The letter, addressed to center board members, Jerusalem's mayor, and the director of the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA), says that the project involved "surreptitious and unscientific removal of hundreds of human burials," and broke Israeli laws requiring that all human remains be turned over to the Ministry of Religious Affairs for reburial. The archaeologists say that at least some of the remains were not properly handled or reinterred, and that the center "hurried the excavations" before construction, "resulting in poor archaeological practices." They also say that the center misrepresented data on human remains in a court case that recently went to the Israeli Supreme Court. Such lapses, the letter says, "would not have occurred with a Jewish burial site."

The researchers include Tel Aviv University archaeologist Raphael Greenberg, who said in a statement that "the case of Mamilla is a travesty of archaeological ethics" and that the cemetery should be "preserved as a demonstration of respect for Jerusalem's shared heritage." Yale University archaeologist Harvey Weiss condemned what has taken place as a "desecration."

Center officials did not return requests for comment. But the center in the past has hotly rejected such criticism. On its Web site, the center maintains that no one complained about the location during years of public hearings. The Web site notes that Muslim clergy invoked the concept of mundras-in which a cemetery is no longer considered sacred-in the 1920s when a Muslim university campus was planned at the site. That position was reiterated in 1964, although Muslim authorities have since voided that invocation. The site has largely been used primarily as a parking lot in the past half century; critics maintain that hundreds of refurbished grave marks have recently been bulldozed in preparation for construction.

In the Supreme Court ruling on a case that aimed to stop the project, the top Israeli judges noted that during the planning period, "no one raised any claim, on even one occasion, that the planning procedures violated the sanctity of the site." In addition, center officials argument, Mamilla is actually on an adjacent site from that of the actual museum.

The archaeologists' furor is just the latest problem for the museum. The company managing the construction project resigned a month ago amid differences with the Los Angeles-based center, and the original designer, Frank Gehry, pulled out of the project last year, though he said it was not due to the controversy.


Source by Damien Bert Godson

Coffee – The Health Drink


Conventional wisdom says coffee's bad. Doctors agree. Magazines second the motion. You can hardly find a kind word about coffee.

Which is just a tad bizarre because coffee is a health drink. Since nearly 90% of the US population drinks the stuff, this comes under the heading of good news.

Want proof? Let's talk about what came out of some studies-good studies, done right.

A cup of coffee has more antioxidants than a serving of blueberries, grape juice, etc. And four times the antioxidant power of green tea. Beside smog, bad diet and the like, just living creates free radicals, the enemies within that age us and bring disease. Antioxidants ride to the rescue and destroy those bad guys. Never miss out on your share of antioxidants. Or more.

Coffee supports thyroid function. You can not say that about very many things you eat or drink. In fact, coffee may be it.

And it does the same for progesterone, which is huge. Progesterone balances estrogen and testosterone, important in today's world where so many things cause massive imbalances, throwing the endocrine system for a loop. Coffee alone probably can not resolve estrogen dominance, but it helps.

Coffee lowers the risk of stroke, Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and dementia. Not to mention cancer.

And it helps the heart, prevails tooth decay and protects the liver from alcohol and acetaminophen (Tylenol). In today's world, the liver needs all the protection it can get.

Long charged with causing fibrocystic breast disease, now they're finding coffee offers protection-and from breast cancer, too. The real cause of fibrocystic breast disease appears to be a nutritional imbalance. Chances are you'll never hear a doctor say that.

Coffee also provides magnesium, which most of us lack. And while providing this good mineral, coffee protects us from heavy metals, such as cadmium, that cause all sorts of problems.

If you're pregnant, coffee does great things for your baby. For one thing, it helps the baby's endocrine system. While a few animal studies claim that coffee interferees with the baby's growth, the studies are iffy. But just in case, adding a bit of sugar to your diet resolves the issue. As you drink a cup of coffee, eat a little dark chocolate-another antioxidant. This healthy living business has a lot to recommend it.

What about the claim that coffee raises your blood pressure? Drinking coffee on an empty stomach will raise your blood pressure a little, but not as much as drinking a glass of water. As usual, it takes a perspective to tell the real story.

If you worry about the jitters, add cream or whole milk. Adding milk to tea seess to deplete its benefits, but not coffee.

I could go on, but I do believe I've made my point that coffee has a lot to recommend it. So how to explain the war against coffee? I mean, what do they do with the mountain of evidence contradictory their case?

Suddenly they're chanting anti-coffee slogans too loudly to hear the good news.

Ah, well. Grind some dark roast and let's enjoy a cup together.


Source by Bette Dowdell

Micro Hydro Generator – Peeking Into the Technology Inside!


It's a brand new era; era of ideas and innovation. Micro hydro generator is the perfect example. It makes use of water to generate electricity. Is not it surprising? Now, this electricity just is not in watts but in tons of watts. Which means that you need to use this state-of-the-art generator to energy your total house. With this technology in hand, you do not have to pay massive sums of cash on your fuel-stuffing turbines nor you must worry about paying electric bills. You just must feed the generator with some water and it starts rocking.

Micro Hydro Turbine is actually a hydro energy generator; a machine which generates electricity by utilizing water. You'll discover different types of hydro power generators, starting from huge generators for industrial makes use of as well as small, compact options for homes. The sizes of those turbines rely on their use and requirement of electrical energy. Large hydro energy generators are highly effective sufficient to carry the electrical requirements of a complete town on its shoulders. This is accompanied by its disadvantage that it occupied too much space and requires a dedicated land for its installation. Small generators, on the contrary, are in a position to slot in wherever in the vicinity of a home, however can solely energy a single house.

Micro Hydro Turbine is a small-scale generator for domestic use. It's referred to as a "micro turbine." Micro generators are small in dimension and produce comparatively small force, suitable for small-scale energy production. Micro generators are relatively a new discovering in the field of power generation. Recent expertise and research has now made the invention of such a compact generator possible. Micro hydro mills are indeed successors of turbochargers used in trucks, and APU's utilized in airplanes. What is absolutely a necessary characteristic of those turbines is that these can be utilized to generate electricity as well as to offer heating at the similar time.

Micro turbines come in several sizes that correspond to their output electrical power. There are "industrial micro generators", "mini micro turbines" and "micro generators". An industrial micro turbine is capable of producing more than 1000 KW of electricity. Such a powerful generator can power a complete town. Mini micro turbines are limited to an output energy range of 500 KW to 1000 KW. These are economic versions and are suitable for small areas consisting of some houses. Then there are micro turbines which can be designed to meet the needs of a single home only. These are able to produce power ranged from 20 KW to 500 KW.

Although it may look the weakest among the three, it has its advantages. It is compact in measurement and is de facto cheap. Micro hydro generator is an ideal solution for those who want ample electrical energy to light up their homes.


Source by Tomas Gilberg

Lessons For Business in Chaos Caused by Volcano


Business team culture expert Dianne Crampton of Bend, Oregon and author of TIGERS Among Us: Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive, was among the tens of thousands of travelers who found themselves stranded in Europe due to the Icelandic volcano eruption. Crampton was in Europe taking a look at team behavior in certain business operations on the continent. The prolonged airline chaos afford her a chance to observe up close and personal institutional responses to a crisis for which airlines and governments were clearly unprepared to handle.

Crampton found herself stranded in southern Spain unable to catch flights to Paris and then on to the US Information from the airlines, governments and media, which she said was always confusing and often contradictory. Travelers struggled with decision-making: Do I go to the airport? Do I rebook? Do I simply sit and wait? What if the volcano blows again?

"How airline authorities, businesses and governments deal with the crisis either calmed or added to the chaos caused when up to 80,000 people were stranded daily by flight cancellations," Crampton said.

"What I observed from other organizations, however, was disorganization caused by break in communication, collaboration and sensible customer service policies among Governments, businesses and air carriers. in trying to return home, many travelers only found themselves in worse situations than if they had just stayed put and waited. "

Crampton's book TIGERS Among us provides breakthrough guidance on corporate behavior that not only improves customer satisfaction and customer loyalty but also improves team business practices that leads to increased business success. She defines an approach to corporate behavior that allows for the satisfaction and productivity of both customers and business by employing ethical behaviors that support trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success – TIGERS – in the workplace and that meets the closest scrutiny.

Those European businesses that calmed the chaos, according to Crampton, extended traveler lodging at reduced cost, assisted travelers with information that improved their problem solving, helped British travelers to cooperatively hire tour busses to take them to ferry terminals in France so they could cross the channel into England and offered discounts on meals. And for those travelers who opted to stay put like Crampton, as more good information filtered through the chaos, better decisions were made.

"What this shows to other tourism-related businesses is that it is important to think through and anticipate any crisis or challenge that calls for contingency planning. "adds Crampton.

Crampton's book offers guidance on how businesses can build strong teams and stakeholder relationships that will benefit them in challenging times, such as the April airline crisis.

Examples of proactive Spanish business policies included:

1. Condominium travel clubs allowing stranded guests to extend their stay on a week by week basis when space was available and when air flights were canceled.

This action reinforces all six of the TIGERS values. The RCI travel club, for example, has resort locations around the world and has experienced natural disasters such as earthquakes, title waves and fluke weather storms that have disrupted travelers in the past. The policy to cooperate with stranded members is a win-win for everyone. It keeps independent businesses within or on the periphery of the resort facility busy with customers. It keeps resort staff busy and employed. The aftermath of natural and weather-related disasters often results in future canceled tourist travel plans which results in vacant facilities. By helping stranded members in times of crisis, the company insures customer satisfaction that frequently results in referrals that extremely results in business growth.

2. Small merchants willing to accept foreign currency from travelers unable to access euros so that travelers could purchase emergency food and necessities. The common practice is to refuse the currency and make travelers take the bills to banks for exchange. The practice of transferring the problem to banks results in heightened anxiety and more problems for tourists already affected by scarcity.

3. Small restaurants that patched together wholesome and affordable meals for stranded travelers at affordable prices experienced a rush in business. Stranded travelers who were looking for affordable meal options were quick to refer restaurants to fellow stranded travelers. They were also quick to report experiences of dissatisfaction as well. Therefore, those businesses that behaved fairly and who offered good meals at a modest profit benefited from volume sales as traveler resources grew more depleted.

Dianne Crampton founded TIGERS Success Series in 1987 and has helped merging companies and entrepreneurs build highly successful businesses. In TIGERS Among Us shows how businesses like Tribe, Inc.,, 4Refuel, and Dos Gringos have built highly successful businesses that demonstrate trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success on a day-to-day basis .

Ultimately, according to Crampton, it was rewarding to see businesses in southern Spain demonstrate trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success at a time of chaos and to see how quickly these businesses calmed the frayed nerves of worried travelers.


Source by Claudia Cook

Water 4 Gas – An Old Technology


Let’s face it, affording every day expenses are fast becoming a burdensome task.

Fuel prices have made every facet of our lives more expensive.

People are starting to think outside the box and even experimenting with things like water4gas and the infamous water car.

What, a car that runs on water? Whatever! Now you’ve heard it all, right?

I checked into this claim, when I received a targeted email from a company, or rather research group.

They were building and testing small units that turn water into a gas that could be burned along with your regular fuel, to increase gas mileage and engine efficiency.

I read their case studies and realized that it actually could be done.

I was always interested in the idea of using hydrogen for fuel instead of gas. But there were problems and danger associated with storing hydrogen in tanks under pressure in a vehicle. Have you ever heard of Hydrogen Bombs?

But these people weren’t making hydrogen and storing it, but using HHO or Browns gas, which some people call it, to burn along with their fuel to significantly increase gas mileage. The water car that they are using is actually a hydrogen on demand hybrid.

Water4gas technology uses this Browns Gas or HHO(2 parts hydrogen to 1 part oxygen) to produce a safe and constant supply of gas to make their engines more efficient, and use less gas in the process.

The emission from the browns gas after burning is water. Your emissions are cleaner and better for the environment.

Hydrogen generators are being built by these back yard mechanics and being installed, to produce claims of 30-60% increases in MPG or more. One man was using a 99 Toyota Corolla and had experienced 62 MPG using water4gas technology. His water car, or hybrid was just one example that was illustrated on the website.

It appears that his technology has been around for awhile. Fuel prices have caused this water4gas technology to be resurrected, with everyday people experiencing great success.

Cheap parts using everyday items are used to build these hydrogen-on-demand systems and are easily installed on your car or truck. Pre-built units are available for people that aren’t mechanically inclined.

There are increasing numbers of people that have started new businesses that utilize the water4gas technology. These people build the units and install them for people that want their own water car, or water hybrid.

So there you have it, an old technology in a new time. What do you have to lose by at least checking out the possibility of turning your gas hog into a fuel saving hybrid. THis is perfect for people who want to decrease their carbon footprint.


Source by Mark Spalding

The Silent Killer Could Be Looking For You


News just in The Silent Killer strikes again. All around the world people are attacked, and sometimes loose the battle to the Silent Killer, Police in every country can not appreciate this curse to mankind, and are even being attacked themselves, the Military have no defense for this kiss of Death killer , Governments worldwide have tried to warn the people but most take little notice thinking it wont happen to me, bad move.

This growing problem is now classed as the 2nd cause of death affecting manankind. The killer can attack all age groups from the young to the not so young and of any gender, no one is safe no one is immune. The problem is that most people are unaware that they could be next on the killers list, could it be you? Can you protect yourself, your family and friends? Yes you can but first here is a sobering thought, this killer without warning has attacked and caused the demise of nearly 8 MILLION people last year 2008 worldwide and with each year that passes it is expected that this figure will increase unless we take personal responsibility to combat this enemy.

8 Million that's a staggering amount, and as you can see this is an epidemic which is Global, OK time to inform you what the heck I am talking about, if you have not already made a guess by now its Hypertension or normally called High Blood Pressure. Do you know what your blood pressure is? Well you should, knowing will save your life there is no doubt about it. Over a third of people do not know the have this condition, and suddenly they have a heart attack and are no longer with us.

I am willing to bet you know or should I say you knew someone who suddenly had a heart attack and passed over and they were not that old, but there are no symptoms related to High Blood Pressure that is why it's called The Silent Killer.

Some people are medically aware that they have high blood pressure and are on medication which controls the situation, but and this is a big but, medication is expensive, in most case there are bad side effects to the drugs which are very unpleasant to say the least, also taking drugs is a life long treatment, no letting up or your previous condition could return, also Medication only treats the symptoms not the cause.

Is there another way to reduce high blood pressure? Fortunately there is and without the use of drugs period. I am the living proof of that statement, I used to have this life threatening condition but not any more and there's not a drug in sight and that's a fact. All that is needed is a small change to your life style which will reduce your High Blood Pressure and soon normalize it, if that aint good news I do not know what is.

Summing up this article
1. You have learned about the silent killer.
2. You now know this is a global problem.
3. You now know that Hypertension can affect all gender and ages.
4. You now know how many people world wide have been victims of high blood pressure in the last year.
5. You now know that you must have your blood pressure checked.
6. You now know possibly from your own experience that drugs can have side effects.
7. You now know there is an alternative and effective way to treat high blood pressure without the use of drugs.
8. You now know that if you do not act to protect yourself you may become yet another victim.
9. You now know where to get more valuable information.

My thanks to the publishers of this article because by the very act of their publishing same, they will have potentially contributed to saving many lives … Thank You.

If you have High Blood Pressure or just found out you have this condition check the link below for more information

Best wishes and healthy days ahead,

David Delaine,
Health Researcher.

Note: If you find this article useful you are allowed to freely forward it on to others

Copyright David Delaine 2009 all rights reserved.


Source by David Delaine

Historical Background of the Syrian Conflict


The conflict that Syria is entangled in today is not something new and we can safely say that its roots go back hundreds of years into the dim and distant past. The strategic position that the region enjoys both from geographical and political point of view did not escape the attention of long gone emperors and ancient rulers. The Romans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Ottomans were all interested in gaining influence in these territories or controlling them in one way or another. The spark that led to the division that has proved so explosive in the 21 century was the Alawite massacre that was committed by the Sunnis. From that time on the animosity between the two religious groups was the source of instability and worries for outside observers. Despite the ethnical mixture, a 10% Christian minority and a Sunni majority the country is controlled by the military which consists primarily of Alawite officers. The Syrian president Bashar Assad as well as his Father came from the Alawite minority.

The way this situation came about has everything to do with the outburst of the first world war. At that time, the Ottoman Empire was holding sway over a vast portion of land including Syria. Since the empire supported Germany, the British send their agent whom we today know as Lawrence of Arabia to conduct subversive activities. Although these turned out to be successful and Syrians gained independence under Sunni leadership, the subsequent agreement of the French and British to divide the country put an end to the Syrian ambitions. What followed was a period of oppressive French rule during which the French in a cynical way used the hostilities between the Sunnis and Alawites and place the latter group in a position of power that would curb all Sunni initiatives that the French would disapprove of. In this way the Alawites gained a firm grip over the military, which they have enjoyed ever since.

As pointed out by BBC’s Dan Snow, after the second world war the Soviet educated Assad the elder brought stability and emerged as the victor in an internal power struggle. The stability came at a cost. Outside observers and his opponents criticized him for brutally crashing the rebellion that was led by the Muslim Brotherhood. His bond with the Soviet Russia is something that his son Bashar Assad is maintaining until the now. Today, the conflict in Syria bears witness to the classical divide that was an integral part of the cold war. The west is backing Syrian rebels and opposition, a good portion of whom are Sunni fighters, while Russia is eager to support the ruling regime to protect its long existing influence. It seems that the west – east divide has not exactly disappeared with the end of the cold war. With both sides of the conflict adamant to protect their geopolitical interest, it is highly likely we will not see the end to this bloody conflict any time soon.


Source by Jackob Manstein