Top 5+ Best Substratum Themes for Android Of 2017

Substratum Theme

Substratum Theme engine is a theme engine being developed by the same team that brought many popular CM13 themes. Substratum Themes supports Samsung touch wiz without root and AOSP-based custom ROM. Substratum can customize Stock Android and many Custom ROMs out there. here are the Best free substratum themes to download.

1. Default Dark :

           If you like the stock experience of your device, but would love to have it in a darker tone, Default Dark is the theme to go with. It brings about a dark-ish grey color to the entire System UI, while keeping the icons and fonts as stock.

Download: Click Here 
Price : Free.


2. GRVY for Substratum:

           GRVY is the best light substratum theme has both i.e. dark and light tone. There are the lot of customization options in GRVY which makes it one the most customization theme out there. The Iconography of this theme is absolutely brilliant. All the Icons are unique and looks good. The level of customization of the theme is one the best features, play with all settings and make a totally unique, colourful and a theme of your taste.


Download: Click Here

Price: ₹90.00 .

3. Android O

          Want to get the Android O look onto your device, but don’t own a Pixel or Nexus? Don’t worry, the Android O theme is there to replicate the entire look of Android’s upcoming version onto your device. Not only does it modify the System UI and Google apps, it also comes with Android O Wallpapers and Sound Packs.

Android O   Download: Click Here

            Price: ₹75.00

4. PitchBlack Theme

          Resurrection Remix’s official theme is now available for download for everyone. The PitchBlack Theme is best known for its completely black look, with the complimenting red icons and font. The included font and boot animations make it a complete package for anyone wanting to get the perfect Red/Black look onto their device. Further more, using blacks on an OLED/AMOLED display featuring device is known to be great for saving some battery juice, and this theme is by far one of the best black themes out there.


Download: Click Here

Price:  ₹120.00

5. Dark Matter

          While GRVY offers a mix between retro and the futuristic look, the Dark Matter is a dark theme that aims to give a complete futuristic look to your device. Each and every aspect of the device’s look has been given proper detail, ensuring a breathtaking experience.


Download: Click Here

Price: ₹120.00

6. Flux (Dark/White)

          Flux is a very unique Substratum theme in itself. While most themes follow a linear approach to designing and customizing the icons and the overall look of the device, Flux follows a circular design that does appeal to a lot of users. Add to that the great combination of colors, and you have a great theme for your device.


1. Flux Dark:


Download: Click Here

Price: ₹95.00 .


 2.Flux White:

Download: Click Here

Price: ₹95.00 .

10. Compound Theme

The Compound Theme is a highly customizable theme for Android Nougat and above devices. While a light version of the same theme is also available, the darker tone looks much more polished and feature-rich.

Download: Click Here

Price: ₹110.00 .

Personalize Your Android Devices With These Substratum Themes

So, those were some of the best themes for Substratum currently available in the Play Store. Substratum opens up the door to new levels of customization, and we have listed some of the best theme packs available. So, try them out and also, share with us your theme setups and experiences in the comments section below.



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All the prices have been updated on January 18, 2018.